Custom Information Neon Sign

  • $550.00

This is a custom information neon sign order.The neon sign will come fully assembled and ready to hang.

  • Frame Width: 43"
  • Frame Height: 6.5"
  • Light Width: 40"
  • Light Height: 4"
  • Neon Color: White
  • Font Style: Arial
  • Will be installed on a solid black back panel.
  • Will include a cord with the 3 pronged end plug for plugging into the wall.
  • Will include an on/off switch.

The image on this page is a digital rendering of what the sign will look like.

Production time for this custom sign will be at least 1 week. Due to the size of the sign and how fragile neon is, it will need to be packaged and handled in a particular way. Shipping time can take up to 2 weeks being that these types of packages need to be handled with care and can't be shipped and transported the same way as a lot of other packages. With that in mind, you should expect the sign at your door within 3 to 4 weeks from the time you order it.
Information Neon Sign