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Happy Neon Signs Customers

The Lumberyard Neon Sign
The Lumberyard Restaurant
Sinfully Slick Neon Sign
Sinfully Slick Auto Spa
Best Homes
Best Homes Title Agency

MasterCraft Neon Sign
Skrewball Neon Sign
Tito's Lake Life Neon Sign
BBQ Neon Sign
Doodle Cakes Neon Sign
Spring Brooke Neon Sign
Bulldog Neon Sign
Unlimited Love Red Hot Chili Peppers Neon Sign
Metro Taquero Neon Sign
Cheeko & Sosa Neon Sign
Peloton Neon Sign
Polaris Neon Sign
ski-doo Neon Sign
Pig Face Neon Sign
Green Bay Glory Neon Sign
Too Cool Neon Sign
Brewing Company Neon Sign
Chaplin Trucking Neon Sign
Taco Neon Sign
Good Morning Neon Sign

Common Neon Sign Questions

Q: Do you offer payment plans?
A: We are happy to be able to offer a Shop Pay option which gives the ability to pay in 4 installments.

Q: What kind of backs are your neon signs installed on?
A: We offer 6 different types of backs all of which are made out of acrylic. We offer cut to square or rectangle, cut to shape or cut to letter. These are offered in both black or clear.

Neon Sign Acrylic Backs

Q: What colors choices are available for your neon signs?
A: We offer 24 color options to choose. See below for our color chart.

Neon Sign Colors

Q: Do you offer RGB color changing? Does it come with remote?
A: Yes! You can request full RGB color changing that can be controlled by a small remote. You can see how RGB color changing neon signs work from here. We also offer flashing transformers and dimmers too.

Q: What fonts are available for neon signs?
A: We have tons of standard fonts we can use and can also use a custom font you have as long as that font can be shaped or outlined with neon tubing. Below our the standard fonts we offer. Contact us if you have your own custom font you would like to use.

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