NeonSignly FAQ

Q: Do you offer payment plans?
A: We are happy to be able to offer a Shop Pay option which gives the ability to pay in 4 installments.

Q: What kind of backs are your neon signs installed on?
A: We offer 6 different types of backs all of which are made out of acrylic. We offer cut to square or rectangle, cut to shape or cut to letter. These are offered in both black or clear.

Neon Sign Acrylic Backs

Q: What colors choices are available for your neon signs?
A: We offer 24 color options to choose. See below for our color chart.

Neon Sign Colors

Q: Do you offer RGB color changing? Does it come with remote?
A: Yes! You can request full RGB color changes that can be controlled by a small remote. Following is an example of how our RGB color changing neon signs work. We also offer flashing transformers and dimmers too.

Q: What fonts are available for neon signs?
A: We have tons of standard fonts we can use and can also use a custom font you have as long as that font can be shaped or outlined with neon tubing. Below our the standard fonts we offer. Contact us if you have your own custom font you would like to use.

Neon Sign Font Styles

Q: Are your signs made out of glass tubing?
A: We use neon flex tubing for our signs. Flex tubing is much more durable than glass, lasts longer, brighter and more energy efficient. We can also shape flex tubing to great detail. Check out some of our recent flex neon tubing signs from here.

Q: How much does it cost to run a sign?
A: Most neon signs use about the same amount of electricity as a standard light bulb. This averages out to 20 cents a day. Larger neon signs will of course cost more to run. Our flex tubing signs are even more energy efficient than the old school glass neon.

Q: How long do neon signs last?
A: This depends on usage and care. The average lifespan of transformers on neon signs is generally between 5 - 8 years. The neon tubes have the ability to last much longer than that if cared for. For example leaving your neon sign on for long periods of time will decrease the lifespan. Heat and electrical surges can also affect your transformer but keep in mind transformers are replaceable. Our flex tubing signs on average last about 30,000 hours

Q: Can I leave my sign on 24/7?
A: We do not recommend that you leave your neon sign on 24/7 because this can decrease the lifespan. Turning it off when not in use will help you extend the lifespan of your neon sign.

Q: Can your neon signs be placed indoor & outdoors?
A: By default neon signs are created for indoor use but we can make them for outdoor use upon request. How we do this depends on where you will be placing the sign outdoors. If it will be placed under something or in an existing enclosure, we will place a weather proof coating over the neon tubing for extra protection, which will be an additional $60 fee. If it will be placed outdoors where it will get wet and not in an existing enclosure, we can install it in a clear acrylic weatherproof enclosure. These acrylic weatherproof enclosures can range in cost from $250 for a small sign upwards to $500+ for larger signs.

Q: Do your signs come with a power supply and ready to hang?
A: All signs come fully assembled and are ready to hang, plug-in and turn on. They do not include hanging hardware because the type of hardware needed will be dependent on where you hang the sign. The back panels will either have holes punched in the back for hanging on a wall or holes to hang with a chain. Let us know if you would like your sign formatted for hanging on a wall or hung from a chain, otherwise the default is holes in the back for hanging on a wall.

Q: How long does it take to receive my neon sign from the time I place my order?
A: This depends on the sign you order. Some of our open signs are pre-made so ship quickly and arrive within 7 to 10 business days.

Most of the neon signs listed on the site are built as they are ordered (built to order). We do not keep large amounts of inventory on-hand for our neon signs which allows us to keep our prices low. The time it takes to reach you depends on how complex your neon sign is and where it ships from.

Custom neon signs that have not been designed yet, can take 2-4 weeks before you see your sign because we need the time to design and make it + shipping time. Please feel free to contact us to inquire about delivery time for your particular sign.

Q: Do you provide a tracking number once it ships?
A: We sure do. You will receive an email alert once your order ships with your tracking number.

Q: What if my sign arrives damaged?
A: This is rare because we take extra care in how we package neon signs but in the rare case that this happens, we will replace the parts that are damaged or the entire sign. You MUST report shipping breakage to us within 24 hours of receipt of your sign. If you do not report the shipping breakage within 24 hours, the shipping warranty will be void.

Q: What kind of warranty do you offer?
A: All signs include a 1 year warranty against material or workmanship defects. We also provide a shipping warranty against breakage during shipping. If your sign breaks during shipment, we will replace the broken parts. You MUST report shipping breakage to us within 24 hours of receipt of your sign. It is important that you open your sign upon arrival and test it to make sure it is not broken. If you do not report the shipping breakage within 24 hours, the shipping warranty will be void.

Q: Where are you located and where do your neon signs ship from?
A: Our offices are located in California which is where our customer support reps are located and where the digital designing is done for custom signs. The actual signs are made and shipped directly from our different supplier facilities which are located in California, Texas and China.