Troubleshoot Neon Signs

Are you having trouble with your neon sign? It may not appear to be broken (no cracks/breaks) in tubing, but it won't come on, it flickers or only part of it comes on. Follow the below steps to see if any of these resolve your issues.


Your sign turns on but part of it flickers:

It may require up to 48 hours to of your sign turned on to achieve full brightness. If your sign was sitting in cold or transported in cold weather, the gas may need to heat and settle. Follow these steps to:

1. Turn on/off the switch (on the power supply) quickly two or three times ending with it off. Wait for 1 minute and turn it on again to see if the problem should goes away within a few minutes. Repeat this ON/OFF procedure a couple of times if needed.

2. If it is a new sign and it still flickers after trying step 1, leave the sign on for 1 week (24 hours a day). Sometimes it takes time for the internal gases to settle.


Sign turns on only for a few seconds then turns off:

The neon glass probably has a small hairline crack or break somewhere that is letting the neon gas out. Inspect the tubing for any cracks or breaks.


Within a few days of getting your  new neon sign, it has dim letters:

The sign needs a little bit more time to light up. Turn the sign on for 24 hours/day and keep it on for at least a week. This should fix the problem.


Sign will not come on at all and does not light up at all:

Try to plug it into at a different wall outlet that you know is working and make sure the wall outlet is the proper voltage. If it still doesn’t turn, it may be the transformer.